Premium Subscription Management to 3rd parties for Postpaid & Prepaid Users

  • Managing Vodafone's MSISDNs (clients) database
  • APIs to provision client to it's subscription’s right
  • ID behavior real time analytic for credit scoring
  • Vodafone's customer LIVE provisioning
  • Advanced reporting features

Payment processor connected to CTB:

  • "plug and play” Services
  • white-labeling solution to 3rd parties
  • 3rd parties API - charge on Vodafone's Bill with their own flow/design.
  • The API supporting subscription models

Video Streaming Platform allowing:

  • the movies upload
  • automatic movie conversion
  • adaptive streaming
  • API ecosystem developed for multi channel distribution
  • 1. CRM Platform that helps Vodafone offer bundle subscriptions to third-parties
  • 2. Payment processor on behalf of Vodafone
  • 3. Video streaming service embedded in the Vodafone mCare ecosystem

Open-Innovation: Vodafone | Platform - Ecosystem - Data


Vodafone Platform enables third party to access Vodafone's audience, assets and services.


Consekense strategy was to manage on behalf of Vodafone the entire user lifecycle in order to ensure a seamless integration between stakeholders granted to access Vodafone audience. We have been working with HBO GO and Zonga (local music provider)