The Digital Experience: Cinemagia | Platform - Ecosystem - Product - Data


With the resurgences of Digital Nomad and portable device capabilities, no services were regrouping a 360 degree digital experience around cinema and entertainment.

Solution: Managing Ecosystem

Consekense develop the advanced open-ecosystem allowing services such as an e-ticketing solution for both the cinemas (10+ multiplexes) and payment solutions. The solution has been integrated with Vodafone and Orange payment system as a first European features.

Managing Identities

The ID lifecycle ecosystem involved apps on mobile, smart-TV and smart set-top-boxes in order to fully manage Cinemagia’s audience identities lifecycle, defining 6 key stage. A Customer Acquisition mobile developed on top is dedicated to brands willing to interact on a B2B2C model for loyalty services such such as cinema / concert tickets digitally distributed to customers and employees. We maintain communication between brands and user via channels from classic SMS advertising to advanced pushed notfications.