ConfluenX is an Open API platform allowing worldwide innovators and corporates to connect with Digital Convergence use cases. The Open API platform aggregates new solution stacks to be tested by industry players looking at automate, optimise and transform existing business models with external Innovations.
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ConfluenX concretely helps businesses accelerate digital transformation by securely extending their reach across multiple channels – mobile, cloud and Internet of Things. ConfluenX enables enterprises to share data as APIs, connect and integrate applications, drive partner adoption, monetize their assets, and provide intelligent insights into their business and operations.
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Fast Track your Business with API Management

ConfluenX API Management platform accelerates outreach across digital channels, driving partner adoption and monetizing your digital assets. Dedicated analytics to optimize your digital transformation.
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API Security

Enterprises are reshaping their business models to address the new digital economy by making data and applications available as APIs for consumption on mobile device, cloud applications and Internet of Things (IoT).

While APIs connect enterprises with the external environment, these APIs also need to be scalable, reliable & secure. As businesses start monetizing their resources through digital channels, security and compliance are key against threats and hacks.

ConfluenX API solution streamlines management, deployment, development and operation of APIs, enhancing security and regulatory compliance through authentication, authorization and audit capabilities.
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Service Oriented Architecture remains a solid foundation for enterprises, and has diverged to include APIs and microservices.

APIs help with the consumption and distribution of business capabilities as sharable services, and now the emergence of the microservices paradigm delivers flexibility and scalability to the development and deployment of service-based applications.

ConfluenX helps enterprises to build web-scale, distributed and decoupled applications that are composed of microservices.

ConfluenX enables policy based DevOps automation and a runtime platform that provides service discovery, routing and auditing of microservices on a variety of containerization and/or cloud platforms.
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At the heart, the «ConfluenX» engine is supporting the development and test of Digital Identity lifecycle & payment Value Chains. It includes Cyber security and Compliance products linked to Interoperability, biometrics & strong authentication mechanisms as well as the management of authenticated user data and privacy dashboard.

The engine support the management of Identity Lifecycle ensuring compliance across commercial and government Use Case and regulation.
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